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At HiveSourced, we believe in the transformative power of creativity, empathetic insight, and strategic design in shaping digital experiences. We are more than just a website development company, we’re storytellers, problem solvers, and innovators dedicated to elevating the digital presence of therapy clinics within our community and beyond.

Step Inside HiveSourced’s Digital Hive

It all started with a singular vision: to redefine the way therapy clinics communicate online. We noticed a persistent gap between the exceptional in-clinic services and their digital counterparts. HiveSourced was born out of the desire to bridge this gap, ensuring that every click, every scroll, and every interaction echoes the compassion, expertise, and dedication of therapy professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound – to transform the online narrative of therapy clinics. We endeavor to create platforms that are not just visually captivating but also deeply resonant with the ethos of therapy and healing. Every project we undertake is a commitment to amplifying the authentic voice of therapy professionals, ensuring they reach out to those in need effectively and empathetically.


We transform your clinic's message into a dynamic online presence, ensuring each site is both visually appealing and a hub for patient engagement and connection.


Our aim is to boost your digital visibility, making your services more discoverable and approachable, which in turn drives growth in your patient base.


We offer enduring support, adapting to evolving digital landscapes and your clinic's needs, ensuring a continually thriving online presence.

What Sets us Apart

Our niche specialization in therapy clinics provides us with a depth of understanding unmatched in the industry. We know the nuances, the challenges, and the immense potential of this space, ensuring that our designs truly reflect the essence of therapeutic care.

No two therapy clinics are the same, and neither are our designs. We delve deep into the unique narrative of each client, crafting bespoke digital platforms that are a genuine reflection of their vision and values.

Beyond aesthetics, we prioritize functionality. With a keen emphasis on user experience, our designs guide visitors seamlessly, ensuring that the journey from curiosity to consultation is intuitive, engaging, and rewarding.


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Jordanna Saunders

CEO & Trauma Therapist, Trauma Recovery Services of Arizona


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“Very professional, prompt and good communicators”

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Raicho Stanev

Founder of Blockswirl


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