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In today’s digital age, your therapy practice’s online presence can be the difference between gaining or losing a potential client. But here’s an unsettling truth: many therapists miss out, not for lack of expertise but due to disjointed, unclear online messaging on their website.


Our Solutions

Our approach at HiveSourced goes beyond just “designing a website”. We craft digital experiences that mirror your practice’s ethos, creating an intuitive, emotionally engaging journey for your visitors, so you can attract more clients.

Your practice’s unique approach deserves an online presence that resonates. We ensure your values shine through every pixel

From first click to booking an appointment, we eliminate confusion, guiding visitors with clarity

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Therapy Clinic Website Designs

Elevate your therapy practice’s online presence with our website design and redesign services. We focus on optimizing user journeys for higher conversion and meticulously crafting sites that reflect your therapy practice’s unique message and ethos.

SEO is like writing a book. The more interesting and relevant content you have on your site, the more people will go on and keep reading, and the more likely you are to get recommended by a librarian (Google) to others looking for something similar. Reach more individuals seeking mental health support and watch your client base grow.

Once your website is live, we’re here to provide ongoing monthly maintenance and support. Focus on your clients while we take care of updates, security, technical issues, and any website changes you’d like.

Need a new website? Experience peace of mind with our top-notch hosting services. Your website will be hosted on secure and high-performance servers, ensuring maximum uptime.

HiveSourced tailors content to your needs, handling everything from drafting engaging narratives to crafting captivating headers. Your role is simply to approve the final product. Whether refining existing content or starting fresh, we ensure each word mirrors your practice’s expertise and connects authentically with your clients.

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Our Working Process

At HiveSourced, we adhere to a systematic and collaborative approach, ensuring the delivery of top-tier web solutions tailored to your brand’s essence. Our workflow is meticulously structured into the following stages:

Discovery & Consultation

The journey begins by immersing ourselves in understanding your digital aspirations, challenges, and objectives. Through close collaboration, we ensure every nuance of your vision is captured, setting the foundation for a tailored website that aligns with your practice’s unique identity.

Planning And design

With clarity and purpose, the next phase involves crafting a visual narrative that resonates with your practice ethos. Every design element is meticulously planned, striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and usability, ensuring your website both looks and feels right.


To ensure we get it just right, we make unlimited revisions to your design until it’s picture-perfect. Only when you are 100% satisfied with our design and give us your approval, we begin developing the design into your new WordPress website. 

Deployment of Website

You’ll get a website that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also made for conversion. We optimize your website for speed, and SEO to ensure new users will discover your site, and maintain daily backups so your site stays up and running.


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